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The Right Pillowcase Can Combat Acne, Wrinkles And More

The primary cause of aging is UV damage. The second is adhering to the habit of smoking. And would you believe that the third is the pillow used at night?

The latter is rather an unconventional cause, but it seems logical enough since one spends a third of his or her day in bed, with the face on top of a pillow. Even with this argument, not all experts agree that this is indeed the answer.

However, dermatologist Neal Schultz says that when one sleeps on the side or front, this can sustain a pressure, therefore breaking the collagen, which can allow the skin to lose its elasticity and even cause the skin to break out eventually.

With that said, what type of pillow or pillowcase is best used to prevent all these unwanted skin conditions?

Patty Colman, the President of About Face products, is the reason behind the creation of the Wrinkle Prevention Pillow. This is made entirely out of memory foam. It adopts a C-shaped silhouette that has a countered center to make it comfortable and easy for people who are fond of sleeping on their backs. The Wrinkle Prevention Pillow counteracts all kinds of skin woes, from acne to wrinkles.

This is more than a trend; it is proven by scientific studies to have wondrous effects on the skin and hair. Having a satin or silk pillowcase can truly make people feel luxurious when they sleep. Unlike cotton and linen pillowcases that are known to aggravate the skin, satin or silk smoothly glides over the face, stopping friction that can lead to the formation of lines on the skin.

Investing in one can really make the skin look younger, reduce dark circles and even makes the hair a lot smoother and easier to work with. This product is especially great with people who have curly hair.

If the above options do not suit one’s taste, there are always unscented laundry detergent liquids that can thoroughly wash away all types of dirt in pillowcases. These may work and save one the worry of having to throw away traditional pillows and pillowcases.

French Prime Minister Edouard Philippe (3rdR) holds a pillow as he visits the exhibition “Extraordinary Factory”, at the Grand Palais in Paris, on November 22, 2018. FRANCOIS GUILLOT/AFP/Getty Images

Post time: Jul-02-2019